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Blogging For Books Review: Spoken For

Recently I signed up for This is a service provided by The Crown Publishing Group. I receive a free book in exchange for posting a review about this book. It’s a pretty good deal for a girl who loves to read and already keeps a blog. The first book I chose was Spoken For by Robin Jones Gunn and Alyssa Joy Bethke. Here’s my review.


I chose this book because my women’s Bible study group plans to use it next semester and I wanted to get a head start on the reading. I had watched Alyssa’s video prior to reading the book so I knew what she would talk about in the book. I was expecting another book about how I am loved by God and I don’t need a relationship to define my life. The book did cover those topics, but it also brought out so much more. 

This book came to me at a perfect time. My relationship with a guy had just ended and I was feeling a bit sad about that. While I did not expect this book to tell me anything more than I already knew about God, this book was able to provide some healing. It reminded me of the promises God has made to and about me. My favorite page was the list of things that God says about me backed up with scripture. If you’re in that in-between stage of dating, haven’t started dating, or wanting to pursue a Godly relationship, this book will help remind you of God’s message to you. Through touching stories straight from Robin and Alyssa’s lives and scripture, these two authors are able to speak to girls and women across a broad spectrum of ages.

There are reflection questions at the end of each chapter. I found these to be somewhat forced to try to answer on my own so I tended to ignore them, but I think they will be great to discuss in our Bible study group next semester. This book is useful for individual reading or for a group discussion. The chapters are short, which is idea for today’s busy life style. I would compare the message to the message given by Stasi Eldredge in Captivating (which I should say has influenced me greatly). 

Overall, I would give this book an A grade for its ability to capture an audience (I read it in one night), suitability for various types of readers, and wonderful story telling.


To read the first chapter: click here.  []

To order the book from the publisher: click here. []




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