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Imperfect Yet Workable

Tonight I brought out my collection of beads and started stringing a bracelet. As I sorted through the seed beads (those really tiny ones that roll everywhere when you drop them) to find just the right color, I realized that they all look slightly different. When I make jewelry, I like symmetry and for everything to line up over a middle line. That doesn’t happen when your seed beads are different shapes. So I searched a bit deeper to find beads that were at least similar sizes. Each bead had to be in the perfect place in order for the final project to fit my symmetrical desires.

Here comes the moral to this beading story.

God has to do the same sorting with us. We are all made just slightly different. Like the beads we have individual deformities. If God were designing a bracelet, he would have to sort through us to find just the perfect person for each spot. God is designing a bracelet of sorts when he puts us all in places together. He sorts through people and puts them in the locations that he wants them and where he knows that we will best be able to fit. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like we fit very well, but once things settle down, it’s usually pretty obvious where we fit.

That’s kind of where I am right now. I am on day four of this internship and it’s been a bit rough. I wasn’t sure at the beginning what my role was (and I’m still not entirely sure) and then my phone was stolen. I felt like I wasn’t needed. Now that a couple more days have passed I am starting feel that maybe I have a niche here. I’m still not sure what my role is or what purpose God has for me here, but I am certain that he has placed me here for a reason. I am a bead placed in this portion of the bracelet and once things settle I will find that I fit perfectly with the surrounding beads.



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