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Passing notes

In middle school my friends and I passed notes during class. (It was one of my few digressions from good student.) Our method was to use a fairly small sheet of paper and stealthily write and pass. In seventh grade we even invented our own alphabet so if we got caught the teacher couldn’t read our oh so important notes.

Things have changed since then. The students at school did an exercise about non-fiction in social media where they were supposed to silently pass notes. It made me recollect my middle school escapades.

I wonder if children in school even pass notes on paper anymore. Or do they just text?

It’s crazy to think how much has changed since I was in school. I used a floppy disk to write my fourth grade portfolio. The internet was fairly new. I didn’t have a phone until 8th grade and that was only because I went on a trip without my mom. (That phone was basic too but I thought I was on top of the cool ladder.) Kindle and e-book was not even a thought. I walked to the public library to use the internet. I remember when smart boards were new. It was a big deal when my high school got wide screen tvs for every classroom.

I’m not wishing to go back to those days. For the most part the progress society has taken has been positive. It just makes me start to feel old. Alas, the world is always changing.



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