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Surrounded by thornbushes

“But I will fence her in with thornbushes. I will block the road to make her lose her way. Hosea 2:6.

God has a perfect plan for every life. It involves our happiness. He will make us happy in Him.
And then we don’t listen. Is that in God’s plan? He knew we wouldn’t listen but did he desire that from the beginning?

In the not so distant past, I wanted something. The opportunity was presented to me. I had doubts about whether this was an opportunity from God or a temptation. I convinced myself to believe that it was an opportunity from God. Looking back I think it was a temptation and I fell for it. Thankfully God protected me and brought me back to his perfect plan but not without a bit of pain first. I can see where God put thornbushes around me to keep what I thought was good from happening. It hurt because I kept trying to get to what I wanted on the other side of the thornbushes.

God has that perfect plan but sometimes we choose to stray from the plan. We may be confused by temptation. We may ignore God’s voice because the other thing just too shiny to pass up (too bad it’s simply fool’s gold). Regardless of why we stray, we do. Like Israel here, God places thornbushes around us. That’s why when we keep trying to get it, we feel pain. Eventually, we’ll realize that maybe we’re not meant to have it. Eventually we turn back to God’s plan.

So maybe it isn’t that God has multiple plans for each way we could mess up. Maybe he isn’t being cruel when we feel pain. Maybe we cause or own pain by not giving the control to God. Maybe he has one plan for each life and the pain is just a way of bringing us back to his plan and reminding us that he has it all under control.


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