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Who’s your favorite author?

That just might be the most difficult question ever, at least for an English major.

During English class that was the question that was posed. Probably the worst place to ask that question. Ever.

I ended up choosing Charlotte Bronte simply because Jane Eyre is my favorite novel. Then I started thinking more about that choice. So much can be said about a person by their reasoning for favorite author. I chose miss Bronte because I really like one of her books but that isn’t really a good reason. I could have chosen C.S. Lewis. The problem with that is I only recently started liking his writing so Bronte felt like a more justified decision. I also could have chosen Oscar Wilde because I enjoy his way of not so subtly pointing out societal problems. That reasoning is based on two works though so that seemed like a bad choice as well.

Maybe the solution to this is to not choose one favorite but recognize that I have multiple favorites.



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