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Christ Is Enough For Me

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19


Christ is enough for me?

Maybe the question should be “Am I living life to prove that Christ is enough for me?”

Maybe there shouldn’t be a question at all.

Instead maybe we should just accept that Christ is enough. He is all we need because he supplies all we need.

It’s easy to forget that though when our earthly desires of human love, food, things, opportunities, etc are not met. It seems that God has disappeared. We ask “where are you God? Why didn’t I get what I want?” We look to Psalm 37:4 and blame God that we didn’t get the desires of our heart. Or was it the desires of our mind?

We forget the beginning of that verse- “Take delight in the Lord.” Our heart must be seeking the Lord in order to receive the desires of our heart, which as a consequence will be the Lord and his will.

In those moments of doubt, instead of asking God where he is, we can realize that he’s right there. He’s waiting on us to say that He is enough. He’s waiting on us to say that we have decided to [once again] follow him wholeheartedly.

Christ is enough for me. I may not live that way, but remember that I live in the flesh and do battle there. Fortunately, Christ is on my side and battling for me. He’s enough. In that I take hope.



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