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Quiet Trees

“Trees were inviting; things you could trust and be near; talk to if you wanted to” –Beloved by Toni Morrison.


What do trees tell me about God?

As I look at the bare branches right now, knowing that they will become green again in the spring, it seems that maybe that could represent reincarnation. That can’t be right though because that’s not how God works and the trees aren’t actually dieing.

The trees actually represent the rest that God gives to us. Ecclesiastes talks about seasons in life and the trees change during the different seasons. In spring, they are a very light green as the buds begin to open. In summer, the tree is full, fluffy, and green. In autumn, the tree catches fire and gives us a beautiful show right before the leaves drop off. In winter, the tree sleeps.

God says “come to me all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest”(Matthew 11:28). That’s what happens to the trees each fall and winter. They grow heavy and tired of carrying the leaves. The trees need to rest. And so do I. I can’t physically shed by burdens but emotionally and spiritually I can give them to God. He will give me that season of rest and then when spring comes, my joy and energy will feel renewed. This moment is not even dependent on the seasons that we see in nature. The rest that God gives can come at any time in His plan and can last for as long as He sees it necessary for the individual.

So when you look at the trees right now, don’t feel sad because they are bare. Remember that they are resting.



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