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Pushing on a Pull Door

“Pushing on a pull door”

It’s a phrase, a song (For king and country) and feeling that I think I might finally understand. For a while now I’ve been trying to find peace and contentment by making my own plans. I decide that something is going to happen a certain way and that will make me happy. Then it does not and I am disappointed, feeling worse than I did before. The problem with many of my plans is that they involve other people, and I just cannot predict how other people will respond or act. I cannot decide for other people. That’s why my plans fall through. You know what they say, “the best laid plans of mice and men…” (Actually I don’t even know what the rest of that phrase is but I feel like there has to be more.)

My plan making needs to stop. It’s just like pushing on a pull door. The song says:

You made a plan. You think you’re in control. Yeah you’re flying. But you’re way too high to fall. And hey man, check around the corner because it’s coming. Here’s your wakeup call.

I make plans that I think will succeed but then I fall and it hurts. The opposite of making plans is to let life happen, keep my focus on God, and the pieces will all come back together. God’s been at this whole plan making business a lot longer than I have so leaving it to the expert sounds like a good idea this time.

The good thing is that God has plans that are good for me. He’ll reveal them to me in the right time.

If only I didn’t have to get to the point where I feel like life is upside down and broken at the same time in order to come to this conclusion. Now to just remember this…

I’m not going to ever get somewhere by pushing on a pull door.


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