Posted in Gratefulness

Day 5: Beauty

I did not skip yesterday. I discovered that on Sunday I was a day ahead of myself. When I reset my watch at 12:30 am on Sunday morning for Daylight Savings Time I did not take into account that the day had already switched so it switched again. All day Sunday I thought it was the 4 November. That’s how I got confused.


Today I am thankful for colors. As I walked back from the school this morning I was astounded by the beautiful blue sky and the red and orange and yellow leaves. Then this afternoon while a friend and I hiked I was once again amazed by all of the colors of the foilage this year. God sure knows what he is doing when making nature.

Here is a picture of the colors I would use to describe my day:



The yellow is the happiness I feel. The purple is there because I feel very loved by God today. The blue is for the beauty I feel. The green is for the nature and for the peace I think is creeping into my life.



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