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Day Two: Beauty

As I work on essays that are due next week for various classes, I am reminded of my gratefulness for being able to write that I posted about yesterday. Even after writing/editing about eight pages today, I am still grateful for that ability to write. Sometimes thought I wish I could write about things that are more interesting.

That leads me to my second day of gratefulness. First I would like to quote an e-mail that the athletic department sent out today that confirmed once again that this project is worthwhile.



Today I am thankful for beauty. I walked to the hair cutting place today and as I walked I noticed so many beautiful things that I just wanted to share. The trees are changing colors. The sky was that color of blue that almost blends in with the puffy white clouds. Little flowers that some might call weeds were blooming on the side of the road. This morning I woke up to a beautiful sunrise. The salonist gave me a compliment on my hair. The compliment was beautiful. My Pumpkin spice tea tasted beautiful this morning. I ate lunch with a friend; that’s a beautiful moment. There has already been so much beauty in this day and it’s only 2:34 in the afternoon. Wow.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Maybe I noticed more beauty today because I was looking for it. Once I saw one beautiful thing I searched for more beauty. Really, there is beauty in everything if one just looks a little closer.



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