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Communicating with Technology

I really have a problem with technology lately. It is killing the way people communicate these days. It drives me up the wall when I’m hanging out with friends and they’re on the phone texting or playing a game or surfing the net. It also frustrates me when I find myself texting while someone is talking to me. There are some people that I communicate more with via text than I do face to face. There’s a problem with that. Some days I just want to get rid of my phone and delete my facebook and not check my e-mail. I want to only talk to people when I see them.

I can see the positive uses of technology. I’m not even saying that communicating via technology is bad, because sometimes it’s all that’s possible. When it diminishes the value or takes the place of face-to-face communication, it becomes harmful.

“Technology provides many outlets for individuals to search for and seek acceptance.” Collegiate magazine. True. Personally, I find myself looking to Facebook to help me feel connected to people when I’m alone. That’s not healthy because Facebook cannot give me an accurate connection to people.

Technology communication can also harm the sharing of the gospel message. “Our call as Christians is to live out the gospel message in an incartional way….The message of grace…must be demonstrated and spoken….Let technology by your supplemental tool.” Collegiate magazine. Yes, I tend to post verses or encouraging songs via Facebook and I send verses and songs via text to friends but it’s still not the same as if I talked to people directly about what I’m reading in the Bible. In order to share Christ’s love with people, I need to form real connections with people.

Technology Communication…

1. Distracts me from homework and time with God.

2. Gives me resources to learn more

3. Is a platform for speaking love.

4. Is a crutch to avoid people.

5. Uplifts me.

6. Connects me.

7. Provides a false connection.

8. Keeps me up to date.

9. Doesn’t show me people’s hearts.

10. Provides an overly simple way to speak.

11. Confuses conversations.

12. Veils my heart and emotions.

13. Causes me to steal other’s words and attach them to myself.

14. Gives me good quotes.

15. Is fast and convenient.

16. Makes me feel content about my “witness.”

The answer isn’t to cut off communication via technology. I’ve tried that. Instead I should make a conscious effort to communicate via face-to-face conversation and avoid multi-tasking when talking to people. I should live in the moment when I’m with people, rather than having a long distance “conversation.” I also can’t expect others to do this. I must be patient when others don’t feel the need to put their phones and devices away.

It’s a battle in my mind. Ultimately, I think it comes down to motive and the heart. When using technology to communicate, ask yourself “could this wait until I see this person face-to-face? Would this be more fun to share when we’re together? Am I focusing on what is happening around me or am I neglecting connections with people who are here right now?”


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3 thoughts on “Communicating with Technology

  1. Yes, I agree about technology being both beneficial and harmful. Remind me to show you something along that same line in a book by Beth Moore . . . when we talk face-to-face again!


  2. I know this was written a long time ago, but I struggle with this too. Even if I want to avoid temptation and not go online, I have to for some things for school. Thanks for writing this.


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