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I Never Knew Jesus Til I Knew You

Last night at church, Annette Herndon came and sang during the service. She sang several songs but “I Never Knew Jesus til I Knew You” really stuck out to me.

She sang a song about appreciating people and the Christ-like influence that people can have on us.  She encouraged us to use that time to go to someone that has been that influence on our lives and thank them by giving them a hug.  At first, few people moved, but when she sang the song a second time there were hugs and tears and smiles everywhere.  It felt good.  Why? It felt good because people were showing appreciation for each other.

All too often, I don’t show appreciation to the people who positively influence my life and I don’t think I’m alone in this boat.  As humans we do not appreciate each other enough. No man (or woman) is an island entirely unto himself (that’s a quote from John Donne that I memorized for Spanish 3 in high school).  We all need each other.  We all need to show appreciation for each other.

I encourage you and me to consciously show appreciation for the people who influence your life.  It may feel uncomfortable at first but give it a try.



2 thoughts on “I Never Knew Jesus Til I Knew You

  1. I guess everyone just lets pride and embarrassment get in the way in a service like that. But I agree that God showed up and got people moving to show love and appreciation to each other! I surely do appreciate you my baby girl! God put you in my life for a reason…He knew how much I would need my baby girls and baby boys!! I love you!


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