Posted in London

Buying Milk

I think the best days are the ones which aren’t planned.  My plan was to buy milk today.  Today after church, Amanda, my housemate, invited me to go to a farm with her.  We actually didn’t spend very long at the farm but we found plenty of adventures after that.  We bought a chocolate cake at Asda (which is owned by the Walmart company) and accompanied it with chocolate milk. We sat on a bench and finished it off.  It’s a good idea.

Kids on the Tube are cute, usually.  There was a boy on the DLR who asked his dad if the door was for emergencies.  (The way he said emergencies was adorable).  His dad told him it said “keep door clear.”  Then the boy asked his mom who told him that it was for if they needed to get out in an emergency.  He looked at his dad who said, “I think your mom is right.”  He said, “silly daddy” in his cute little British accent.
We ended up at Greenwich where we walked around and under the Thames.  We admired the river and picked up cool rocks.  I skipped my first rock in my life in the Thames.  We watched a gymnast and a group of guys who looked like they invented a game with a couple of sticks that also involved piggy back rides across the road.  We stood on the Prime Meridian line for free and climbed a tree. It was delightful afternoon considering my only plan for today was to buy milk.


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