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Love some books.

One of the first things I did when I started volunteering at the shop here in London was to sort through the massive amounts of books and now that I’ve been here for 6 weeks, I’m still sorting through books.  There is a really sad problem in the world today: people don’t read.  Or maybe they read but they don’t read paper books anymore.  (To explain, I am an owner of a Kindle, but I still like to read physical copies as well.)

This problem of the world has left little shops like the one where I volunteer with an over-abundance of books.

So this leads me to making a list of why physical copies of books should be cherished (note that I’m not saying they’re better, let’s just not get rid of them):

1. They smell good.

2. It’s just nice to physically turn a page.

3. Conversation starter: ex) person sitting next to you on the train sees your book cover “Oh my! I love that book.  Have you gotten to …[insert part of book that you probably haven’t read yet so they’ve just ruined the plot for you].”  Who knows? You might meet the love of your life in that conversation [now you don’t mind so much that they ruined the plot of your book right?]

4. They look pretty on shelves.

5. You can write notes in them.

6. You can loan them to people…for free and with no hassle.

7. Dog-eared pages…it shows love.  [I know this is a debate among book lovers, but c’mon guys, it’s just a corner.  I don’t like those people who fold over the entire page though.  I myself have a system for how I dog-ear so that I know why I dog-eared which I can explain if you’re really interested.]

8. Great place to hide money.

9. Pressing flowers.

10. They make you look smart.  When someone comes over to visit, be sure to pull out your copies of War and Peace or Les Miserables or some other equivalently long book so you can impress your guest with your impressive reading habits.  [Now once they leave, be sure to actually give the book a chance.  I must admit here that I have not read either book mentioned.]

11. They give you a reason to use all those free bookmarks people give you.

12. You can color your favorite passages and put smiles in the margins so that future readers know the best parts.

13. What else are you going to put on those bookshelves?

14. Hide a note in a book, give it someone, and wait for them to be super surprised.  And you’ll know they actually read the book you gave them. [This could also be a way of meeting that special someone, if you wanna be really discrete…and possibly wait a while. Yeah probably not the best method.]

15. We chopped down the trees for a reason.  We might as well enjoy the by-product.

I’m sure there are many more reasons to enjoy books.  Maybe you wanna share a few?  Anyway, please go to your local used book shop or charity shop and pick up some cheap books.  Used books tend to smell better and sometimes you find really cool notes in them [that note from a special someone?].

Happy reading!



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