Posted in London


So it’s been a long while since I made a blog post…I know.  Life happens.

I’ve been in London now for 4.5 weeks and I’ve experienced so much and had so many emotions.  There are times that I absolutely love what I’m doing and I love being here and there are times that I really wish I was just at home where things are familiar.  It’s an adjustment to live in the city among people who don’t know me.  In a small town, people tend to at least recognize you, but it’s humbling to be in a city where no one knows you.  To be alone in a crowd where no one is directly concerned with your life is a humbling experience, because you realize that life isn’t all about you.

Okay I’ll talk about the weather since that’s what all the Brits are talking about anyway.  The weather has been wonderfully warm while I’ve been here.  The Brits are all complaining about how hot it is and don’t misunderstand I haven’t enjoyed the sticky feeling all the time, but I prefer the warm to the first week.  My first week here was chilly and I actually bought a coat, which now hangs on the back of my room door unused.

Overall, what I’ve learned so far is that even when I get sad and miss home, I am not alone.  I can call out to God and he will always answer.  I don’t have to wait to have internet or figure out the time difference to talk to him; He’s always there.



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