Posted in London


I try to pack light, because I don’t like to carry around a lot of unnecessary baggage, literally or emotionally.  [To see what I mean about emotional baggage watch this video].  For instance, I packed all my stuff for a ten week stay in a carry on suitcase and a small shoulder bag.  Even when I travel to my placement everyday I feel as if my small bag is too big for a day, but then I look around me and my bag seems small.  People in London like their bags and they like to re-use their bags.  Many times I see people carrying suitcases on and off the Tube and I don’t think they’re going to the airport.  That’s one way I amuse myself on the Tube, by trying to decide what those people need in all those bags.  One thing I have learned is to not judge a person based on the type of bag they’re carrying.  Bags are re-used so much that just because a person is carrying a bag from a designer store does not mean they have been shopping that day.  They could have even picked the bag up somewhere like the shop where I work.  We re-use the bags that we receive donations in as bags for the customers.  I’m not sure that there’s any great statement in this observation, but it’s an observation that people in London carry a lot of baggage (literally, maybe emotionally as well but I can’t observe that on the Tube).


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