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Public Transportation



Today I feel accomplished for navigating public transportation fairly successfully.  I come from a small enough place that I’ve never used public transportation; I rely on my car, bike, and feet.    Today I made it into central London and traveled around the city with some of the group and we figured it out.  On the way home, my housemate and I had a bit of a fun trip though.

We  left the group in central London because she needed different shoes and I was getting tired. We took a bus out of central London to get to a tube station that would be free for us to use. We got to our home tube stop just fine , stopped in the grocery, then…we were taking the bus back from our tube stop to the house, missed the 9:07 bus so we had to wait for the 9:37 bus. took that and missed our stop (because it was dark and we weren’t sure of the name.  Remember it’s only day 2 of this experience). The kind bus driver was going to drive us back to the right stop but there was a passed out drunk in the back that he couldn’t wake. He had to call an ambulance so he said he couldn’t take us back. We walked and got here about 10:30 pm.

I enjoy the tube rides though because I love to people watch.  I like to watch and listen to the people and try to decide what their lives are like.  It’s exciting because I will never really know the truth so I can imagine all sorts of scenarios.

All in all, once I figure out the logistics of reading maps and bus schedules and learn the layout of the city better, I think I will be able to travel fairly easily.  It’s going to be fun and a great learning experience.



One thought on “Public Transportation

  1. I traveled to London twice and really enjoyed the ease of using the tubes. It’s a big city but easier to navigate this way. I like being on my own time schedule. I hope you enjoy the experience.


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