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The days are numbered.  Actually they’ve been number for about 15 days now.  I’ve been counting down to my trip to London.  I am uber excited about the idea of living abroad for such a long time, but I’m also extremely nervous about the prospect.  Today I packed.  And then I unpacked and re-packed.  I have told myself that I am not unpacking or even opening the suitcase because I cannot re-pack again.  Tomorrow my list involves cleaning my room, because I kinda tore the room apart packing and just living here for a month and a half has had its wear and tear.

Part of me is really ready to just leave and get started and part of me wishes I had a little longer to not have to be challenged.  I’m excited to experience this challenge but I’m so nervous that sometimes I’d just rather not do it.  But that’s just my fears getting ahold of me.  That’s why I’m ready to be there and allay my fears so that I can really enjoy London.

Ahh!! I’m gonna be in London in just a couple days.  It’s so surreal.  I’ve been dreaming of this city since I was there six years ago.  It’s gonna be exciting.  Stay tuned for more stories and reflections.


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