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Colossians 1:18 says that Christ is the head of the Church.  To me that means that all believers fall under one church and that means we should all be acting under the principle that God/Jesus is the head of his Church.  There are many smaller bodies and small differences that divide them into denominations, but ultimately Christ should be the head of us all.  The purpose of individual bodies is biblical and has it’s purpose to provide fellowship among believers and time for small group study.  This should not separate us as believers though because we all have the same purpose.  It would not be realistic or beneficial to imagine all Christians in the world meeting together, but that doesn’t hinder us from intermixing and praying for one another.  As long as our core beliefs are the same and our purpose is to glorify God, let’s break down the barriers of denominations and worship Jesus, the head of the church.

That being said, I am thankful to be blessed with two churches and others that I’ve worshiped in at various points in my life.  Currently though, I am very thankful for what I consider my home church (as opposed to my college church, which I am thankful for as well).  It’s small but there is a strong faith in it.  It has its problems just like any group of humans, but there is a strength to it that only comes from God.  I’ve seen this church survive and even thrive for two years without a pastor and I’ve seen it come together to accomplish a task for God.  Just recently, our pastor felt sick on a Sunday night and had to leave before he could preach that night.  Instead of dismissing church that night immediately, the congregation (of about 20 people that night, I said it was small) stayed for the remainder of the time.  We sang a few more songs and prayed.  It was sweet to see  leaders emerge in the church to lead the remainder of the service.  On Wednesday the pastor was still sick and the song leader/deacon stepped up and gave a devotional.  I am just very thankful that the church is not led entirely by the preacher and there are people within the church who have a strong faith as well.  I am blessed.


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