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Showing You Care

I just finished reading a book about social media.  While it hasn’t made me want to quit Facebook again, it has made me want to reconsider my use of Facebook and my blog and my e-mail and texting.  In the book, he includes a chart showing how people would prefer to receive communication were they sick in the hospital.  He ranks it:


1. In person visit

2. Phone Call

3. Handwritten card

4. E-mail

5. Social Media

6. Text


He then takes it farther from the context of someone sick in the hospital to pose the question of how the reader cares for people in his/her life (regardless of if they’re sick or not).


I wonder what your opinion is about this ranking and how you would rank these forms of communication, so I’m offering this informal survey.   Don’t misunderstand, I’m talking about deeper topics of conversation than “I’m on my way” or “did you get the notes in class today?”



One thought on “Showing You Care

  1. True. The art of face to face visits and communication due to the increased dependency of the convenience of social media and texting has left individuals to feel more isolated, and emotionally vacant/distant to their peers. Great topic!


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