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A Message in the Flower Garden

Today my friend and I went out to one of the church lady’s house and weeded some of her flower beds.  She is capable of doing this herself and quite enjoys it but we needed something to do and she’s been so busy lately.  It was enjoyable.  The first project she gave us was to pull the vinca vines out from around the hostas.  I actually think the vinca vines look very pretty.  They’re a nice shade of green with pretty purple flowers that bloom.

Vinca hosta

The problem is that they take over, crowding out the other plants.  So today, we spent quite a bit of time pulling the vines away from the hostas, being careful to not damage the hostas.  This made me think about how certain things in my life can take over and crowd out other things.  Sometimes things that are good, like reading, can distract me from more important things like God or my family.  While what I am doing is okay in moderation, I can’t let it get out of control like the vinca vines.  I have to be carefully aware of letting things get out of control.



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