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During a concert, I realized that some of my favorite songs used the Ooohhh or Woahhh in them.  You know that part of the song where the artist just sings with an oh or woah sound.  So over time I have paid attention these little additions to songs and kept a list of songs that I like that use that technique.  I have come to an O-theory.  It is not completely clear in my head yet what the stipulations for this theory is.  I’m not sure if it can be oh as in Oh Christmas Tree or if the Ohs are entirely unrelated to the lyrics.  That will take some more sorting in my head.  For now I will leave you with a list of songs that I have come across that are good songs that include the O-Theory.

All of Creation  (MercyMe)

You Are (Colton Dixon)

Gold (Britt Nicole)

How He Loves (David Crowder)

Oh Praise Him (David Crowder)

Everything Sad is Coming Untrue Part 1 (Jason Gray)

Lean on Me

Lord I Need You (Chris Tomlin)

Love Like Woe (The Ready Set): This song has a great beat.

Tonight, Tonight (Hot Chella Rae): I’m actually not a fan of this song, but my friend says it has to go on the list.

Don’t Give Up (Calling Glory)

I Will Follow (Chris Tomlin)

Hold Me Together (Royal Tailor): This doesn’t actually use oh, but it uses what I call a Canadian Oh.


One song that extensively uses Oh is Baby by Justin Bieber.  It does not make the list.  It is an exception to the O-theory.  Every good theory has exceptions, right?


Regardless of the validity of this theory, you have a good list of songs to listen to, right?




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