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Good Conversations

The semester is quickly (too quickly) coming to a close.  The classes I have had this semester have been enjoyable for the most part, and I am going to miss some of my professors.  I’m also going to really miss my friends over the summer, although I have some awesome plans for the summer.  There is one class in particular that I have enjoyed that covered theology as it is represented in films.  We watched some great films like As Good As It Gets, Cool Hand Luke, Benny and Joon, and To Kill A Mockingbird.  Most recently we watched The Third Miracle and my discussion group started discussing prayer.  We asked questions about what can be prayed for and how to pray.  The professor, who is incredibly intelligent, was in the group as well.  He made the distinction between praying for something and praying to see how God is already working and for the ability to join in.  For example, I could pray for someone to be healed or I could pray for the wisdom to know how God is working in that situation.  That reminds me of this song by Brandon Heath:

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend-acquaintance about God’s will and just God in general.  I wasn’t having the greatest day, and without having to know what was bothering me he just started talking about Jesus.  It was good and uplifting.  At one point he said that when he is feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, he starts praying.  He doesn’t complain to God but instead starts thanking God for what He blesses this friend with.  That reminds me of a quote by Jason Gray: “I think we are tempted to imagine it’s our circumstances that determine our quality of life or our joy but in truth I believe it’s gratitude that makes our lives sweet.  We may not be able to change our circumstances but we are empowered to nurture our grateful heart.”  That is good advice and I’ve seen it work.

Overall, I’ve just had some good conversations recently.


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