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Humbling Experience

Yesterday I had a very humbling experience, but first let me back up and explain why this experience felt so humbling.  I have been re-reading Captivating (John and Stasi Eldredge) recently.  I don’t want to simplify the book, but in many instances it talks about woman’s beauty, both inside and outside, and what she has to offer to the world.  It also discusses man’s strength, inside and outside, that reflects the strength of God and that he offers to the world.  Basically, woman and man reflects different parts of God’s character and we should use those characteristics to help each other.  Just read the book, because I am trying to summarize the thoughts across many chapters and these authors do a much better job of explaining the situation.

Anyway, one particular point of the book is that man offers his strength to woman but woman has to allow him to offer his strength.  That’s hard for me, allowing someone else, especially a man, to help me.  (I should clarify that most of the time they are referring to a marriage relationship but this concept can also apply to any situation).

Today while my class was canoeing, I was in a canoe with another female who was less experienced than me at canoeing.  It just happened that way; we didn’t start that way.  We fell way behind the rest of the canoes, because we had navigation issues and we just didn’t have the brute force to move the canoes as fast.  We were making it, but it was slow going.  It didn’t help that the wind was blowing us around as well.  I could tell my canoe partner was getting tired, but we had to get back to the dock so we kept pushing forward.  Just before we went around the last curve, two of the guys, happenstance the two that we were originally paired with, came back to check on us.  They offered to switch canoes and help us both out.  It was humbling for me, because I wanted to prove that we could do it.  I also knew that we were holding up the rest of the class because we were going so slow.  It was hard for me to admit that yes we could use some help, especially to admit that we needed some male strength.  I was grateful though.  We would have made it around the curve, but it was a lot faster with more experienced, stronger canoers in the sterns.  And they were helpful in getting the canoes back on the trailer, because I know I couldn’t lift that canoe that high.


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