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April Fools!

I forgot yesterday to brag on my roommate and friend who pulled a pretty awesome prank.  First you need some background.  My roommate and I are in an outdoor adventure class in which right now we are doing mountain biking.  Yesterday was actually the last day of mountain biking, and neither of us wanted to go to class.  So we skipped.  Yeah I know, it’s a horrible idea, but we have two absences allowed for the class.  Well, I had tried to prank her earlier that day by saying that our betta was dead, but then I chickened out too early.  So she wanted revenge.

She decided, with the help of a few friends, to send this e-mail:


I was very upset.  I didn’t think it was fair for the professor to do that.  I totally fell for it, even though looking back I see several mistakes.  The address is not how he sends his e-mails.  He always sends his e-mails through our online class reminder system, which puts that message at the bottom.  Even if he sends an e-mail via e-mail, the signature is not right.  The date is way off (because they used an old e-mail from one of my friends).  That was the biggest mistake which I can’t believe I didn’t catch.

All in all, I give her props for this prank.  I can’t believe I fell for it.


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