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Friday, Friday

I woke up this morning with the lyrics of Rebecca Black’s oh-so-creative song stuck in my head.  It might have been because my alarm went off (ahem for the second time) at exactly 7 am.

But that’s not what this post is really about.  First, I’ve been waiting (and forgetting) to share this poem by Barbara R. Vance that I stumbled across in the library.

Lost Time

Gosh, I’m glad it’s Friday—

Two whole days for fun.

Of course, I can’t begin to play

Until my schoolwork’s done.

And then I have to tidy up

Until my room’s just so.

By then I’ll likely sigh and ask,

“Where did my weekend go?”


Secondly, it’s Good Friday, which reminds me of a question in Malarky (a game my friends and I play).  The question is brilliant so I must share: Why do Christians call it Good Friday when it was the day that Jesus was crucified?

Brilliant.  It does seem a bit ironic that the day that the Messiah was killed would be called “good,” but in reality it is a very good event.  Without his death, he would not have been able to pay the penalty for our sins.  I don’t get why he wanted to, except that he loves us that much.  Also, without dying he never would have been able to rise from the dead, which is pretty much awesome.  So yeah, it is a Good Day!


(I’m going to refrain from posting the RB song here, because I don’t want it to be that connected to my blog.)


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