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Musical Magnetism

I’ve talked a few times now about my English class where we are reading The Iliad and The Odyssey and modern interpretations.  So far we have read The Iliad, viewed/read four modern interpretations of it, and almost finished The Odyssey.  We’re trucking right along.  Today during the discussion (which I was fighting to stay awake during), the professor pointed us toward the Siren’s (which is spelled differently in our translation but I can’t remember now) song.  He pondered for a while about why music is so magnetic.  Then he gave the example of his record collection which he got rid of, then regretted it, then tried to find all of the music on iTunes.  The music took him back to a place in the past and helped him remember things about himself.  That’s his reasoning for music’s magnetism.

For me, music is magnetic for it’s ability to speak exactly what I’m feeling or thinking.  My favorite songs are those which have at some point in my life said exactly what I’m feeling or thinking.  For example, Tenth Avenue North’s song, Worn, was shared with me at a time when I was emotionally and physically tired.  At that point in my life, that song encouraged me because it helped me realize that I’m not alone with my tiredness.  That’s just one example out of many though.

Music is also an escape for me.  When I am tired or cranky or any other emotion really, I can turn on my Pandora or KLove or Air1 or my Mp3 and just be gone for a few minutes.  I can drown out other people, things, feelings, etc and be with myself and God for a few minutes.  Or when I’m in a particularly good mood, I can turn volume up (to a certain extent since I do live in a dorm) and dance around happily for a few minutes.  This is not advised if your roommate thinks you’re crazy, which mine does at some points but she tolerates my dancing.  (I’d just like to take this parenthetical moment to say I won in the roommate department.  She’s pretty awesome and she happens to be my best friend here on earth.)

Music is pretty great, don’t ya think?


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