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Living the Life of Love

Today has been interesting.  Actually I haven’t really done anything interesting except think and eat.

This morning after spending a while getting ahead on my reading for class, I watched a very interesting documentary called “Beware of Christians.”  The premise of the film was that four college guys who grew up in church decided to leave the United States to travel Europe and figure out what Christianity in other places looked like.  They wondered how much of their faith was culture based and how much was faith based.

I’m still trying to process the entire video and I think I need to watch it again in order to fully grasp what was happening, but I’d highly recommend it.  It got me thinking about how I do/don’t live out my faith.  I really liked what one of the guys said at the end about what it takes to be a Christian.  He thinks that preachers should add a bit during the invitation (ya know, the part of the sermon where the preacher says that if you want to be ‘saved’ you need to say this prayer and believe in Jesus) that warns people about how this decision is huge.  The decision to accept Christ and to commit your life to him will be scary and hard at times.  It’s not just about the ticket to heaven.  There’s things to do here on Earth as a Christian and there are some people who don’t like it when we do those things.

Another interesting aspect of the day was that the evangelists decided to come back to my campus.  This group is a traveling evangelist team that preaches about how awful people are in order to spread the gospel.  Literally today when I walked past them, they were yelling at the students passing about how we were hypocrites and needed saving.  Yeah, that’s true.  I sin, you sin, we all sin.  But guess what?  Jesus picks up the pieces.

There’s more to the story than the sin message that these guys preach (this is not the first time they’ve come to my campus).  Yes, we all sin.  That’s why God got rid of the Old Testament law and sent his son, Jesus, to die on the cross.  Our sins are so great that the ultimate sacrifice had to offered.  Jesus did that.  So yeah, we sin.  But shouldn’t the message be more about the hope we can have in Jesus and how we can be forgiven for those sins.  It turns people off when there’s a guy blocking the sidewalk yelling about how all of are sinners going to hell.



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