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The Big P word


I don’t think I have ever procrastinated a paper this much.  I just finished writing a paper that is due in one hour.  Usually I am the type of person who completes a paper at least two days before it is due then re-reads it the day before and turns it in.  Not the case this time.  I didn’t even start the paper until Tuesday afternoon.  That’s two days before it was due.  The problem was that I just did not want to write the paper.  It was supposed to be about information that I had already done a class presentation over, so I just did not look forward to re-hashing my thoughts again.  The professor had already heard my thinking about the film and the scripture, so I didn’t want to put it all into words.  While the paper was only 5-7 pages, my fingers seemed to move very slowly across the screen.

The lesson I have learned: Don’t procrastinate.  It just doesn’t work for my writing style.  I like to write something then let it sit a few days before re-reading, and I did not have time to do that this time.  Thus this paper is one of the poorest I have written.  Thankfully it’s not for an English class, so maybe the poor quality won’t matter as long as the information is there.



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