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The Chitter Chatter Needs to Stop

I just finished teaching the opening to Dorian Gray to a senior English class.  Today I was not super nervous, because I had a plan and I knew what to expect.  Little did I know that I would get there and the teacher wouldn’t be there.  It was a sub.  Okay.  New person to watch me.  Thankfully, this sub was nice, knew the majority of the students, and didn’t interfere too much.  It went okay.

My biggest issue was talking.  I can’t seem to keep them from talking.  I wonder if I shouldn’t have moved some of the students away from each other, but that probably would have caused a bigger battle.

So for those of you who are teachers, have teacher minds, or have seen great teachers, any advice about managing the chatter level in a classroom would be greatly appreciated.

It doesn’t help that some of the students had not read nor did they have they books.

Somehow we made it through the hour.  Now to see how they did on the quizzes.



2 thoughts on “The Chitter Chatter Needs to Stop

  1. Ah, it can be tough… I think it’s a matter of asserting authority on the class from the get go. A little evil stare or condescending look for talking never goes amiss in my classes (not from me, but my lecturer…)


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