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Latest Reading

I am only in one English class this year, but I am still spending an enormous amount of time reading and watching films for class.  For instance, while I was at work last night I alternated between reading two different books as I grew tired of reading one.

My Current Reads

The Last Boy Kings of Texas: This is a memoir written by Domingo Martinez.  It is about his life growing up in Texas as a Mexican American. It has a very real-life tone to it and he tells many stories about his childhood.  His family was pretty wacko, although most families are fairly wacko.  It’s enjoyable to read.

The Iliad: I took an English course where we are reading The Iliad and The Odyssey and modern interpretations because I had never read either of these classics.  I find parts of The Iliad enjoyable and sometimes I get very bored and confused by all of the battles and foreign names.  It does feel good to say I have finished this enormous poem.

War Music: This is a very modern interpretation of The Iliad by Christopher Logue.  He started by just re-interpreting books 16-19 and over time he has done more.  Unfortunately he died before finishing the entire poem.  It has been confusing at times, because he changes names and a few scenes.  It’s somewhat enjoyable.

Frankenstein: I just finished reading this for the class that I observe at the community school.  I’m pretty sure the high school seniors in the class did not read the novel, but I would recommend it to anyone.  It ranks up there with Dracula now as a great fantastical novel that also seems realistic.  It’s not like the modern vampire and zombie books where I don’t believe they could ever happen.  I enjoyed reading this novel.

The Picture of Dorian Gray: I am currently reading this novel for the community school, and I will start teaching it on Wednesday.  Once again, I don’t expect the students to actually read the entire novel.  That makes it hard to teach, but I will do my best.  So far, the novel is enjoyable.  It is such an interesting idea that a painting would take our sins and aging rather than our faces.  The idea of art as useless is contradicted by the fact that painting serves a purpose.

Psalm: I have been reading the Psalms for a while.  The catch is that I am reading them backwards by chapters.  I have made it to Psalm 97 so far.  There are some nights I cannot read Psalm because I’m just not in that mood, but other times I find such great reassurance in the poetry.  I really like Psalm 62 and Psalm 18 (I know I haven’t gotten there yet, but I skipped forward at one point).

The Hobbit: I have been reading this for fun all semester.  I enjoy the moments I get to read it, but I will probably have to re-read it since I am getting it in such a disjointed way.

Captured By Grace: My Wednesday night church group has been reading this book by David Jeremiah since forever.  We have finally made it to chapter 8.  It’s such slow going because we discuss on Wednesday nights and don’t usually get through more than a couple pages.  It’s full of great inspiration and verses!  It is comparing the life of John Newton (writer of Amazing Grace) and Paul and then talking about grace.


I’m running out of time, so I will just list the films I have watched for class lately: To Kill a Mockingbird, Helen of Troy, High Noon, East of Eden, The African Queen.




3 thoughts on “Latest Reading

      1. It would be a fight between The Iliad and Frankenstein I think. I read them as a student and I would love to make them time to read them (and many more!) again x


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