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Groundhog’s Day

Tomorrow is Groundhog’s Day and from the looks of the weather today, we are in for some more winter.  Today there is snow on the ground, but then again it was 70 degrees on Tuesday.

After a quick debate with my roommate this morning at breakfast, I did some research about Groundhog’s day.  Did you know that the first Groundhog’s Day was in 1887?

Apparently Phil the groundhog in Pennsylvania drinks a special elixir each year in the summer  in order to give him seven more years of life.  That means that it’s been the same groundhog since the start.  Okay…sure.

“According to legend, if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter weather. If he does not see his shadow, there will be an early spring.”  Okay. That bit of information clears up the debate with my roommate.  I have this feeling that Punxsutawney will be seeing his shadow.  Or at least I hope, because I want snow.

I wonder how far his prediction stretches.  Is it good for the entire world?  Or is it just the United States?  That doesn’t make a ton of sense since it was started with German settlers of Pennsylvania.  Maybe it only applies to the weather in Pennsylvania or more specifically to the town of Punxtsutawney.  These are important details I need to know.

I did learn while looking around on the website that Phil will share his weather prediction with Bill Deeley, who’s favorite drink is Diet Coke.

All in all, there seems to be a lot of hype of this day.  While it is kind of fun, I have a hard time buying into all of this, and I wonder what those men in the Inner Circle think of themselves.  How did they even get that job?



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