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Light Up The Sky

I really like looking at the stars.  Don’t misunderstand, I do not like to study the stars, because I like to enjoy the simplicity of just looking at them.  I don’t care to know how they are made or how old they are or what constellations they make.  I really just like to look up and see them there.  I feel like God put them there to remind me and others that He is still able to light up any situation, even the darkest.

The other night, it was particularly cloudy and I didn’t expect to see any stars, but I looked up and there it was.  There was one star shining through the clouds.  (It probably was the North Star, just from what I remember from science classes and my little brother’s babbling).  That one star gave me hope that night that God was still there.  Sometimes that’s all I need to feel God’s peace.

Tonight as I listened to a song by The Afters, I was reminded of this moment and others when I have looked up at the sky to see the stars.  It’s called Light Up The Sky, and the video is worth sharing.

I am thankful to God for lighting up the sky for me.  Even when I can’t see the stars through the clouds, I still know they’re there.  God leaves his lights on all year long.

Light Up The Sky -The Afters


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