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Today I made a monumental step in my progress towards I don’t know what.

I deactivated my Facebook account.

It may not be permanent, but at least for now I am not connected to the internet in that way.  There were several reasons for doing this, one of them being that Facebook was distracting me from accomplishing things I do want to do, such as reading my Bible, reading books for pleasure, and doing my homework.  I was finding that instead of doing these things I was spending hours on a daily basis hitting refresh on my Facebook page.

I also deleted my page in an attempt to connect to people better.   I know that sounds crazy, but I felt that Facebook, while it helps me keep in contact to a certain extent, it didn’t really give me a chance to connect to people on an individual basis.  Yeah, I read their statuses and occasionally “liked” or commented on something they posted, but it’s not the same as having a real conversation with a person.  I hope to now use my Skype, e-mails, this blog, my phone, and my personal voice in order to connect to people.

In my last post I talked about being real, and part of what’s been bugging me about Facebook is that it’s so easy to be not real on there.  It’s very easy to hide my true feelings and to present a person that I am not.  Of course, it’s just as easy to do that via blog or e-mail as well, but Facebook was much more accessible.  It also started to irk me that things I posted in all seriousness would probably just be skimmed over in the mass amount of information on a news feed.  I know this happens, because I myself skimmed through many people’s thoughts.  What’s the point of that?  Why am I putting my thoughts out there if they are just going to be skimmed?  I think my thinks are more valuable than that and should be given more consideration and so should other peoples’ thinks.

Facebook is also so impersonal.  It is so easy to find things out about people through that page and the person never even knows.  I started looking through the 200 or so friends I had and thinking about the things I posted.  Did I really mean for every one of those people to read that?  Did they even care?  Most of the time, I had a few people in mind that I wanted to share the thoughts with and everyone else just got it anyway.  I had forgotten how many people were on the friends list.

Overall, I just wanted to simplify my life a little.  There was so much stuff on Facebook and I just felt that I had so much stuff.  So I tried to downsize the number of things I had on there, but I found myself wanting to keep things up there just in case someone wanted to see that.  The problem was I wanted people to see things about me, and that kind of bothers me.  Someone can’t really get to know who I am by looking at my Facebook and yet I kept it up there as a crutch.  Now hopefully, people will get to know me based on what I tell them and the questions they ask rather than anonymously scrolling through my Facebook.

Now I’m not saying I will feel this way forever, but for now, Facebook is gone.  I’ll update later to let you know if I’m having withdrawals. 🙂



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