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Perfect Moments

Today during Outdoor Adventures (a class about hiking, canoeing, archery, and mountain biking!), the professor had us blindfold ourselves and imagine a perfect moment.  His specific example was involving a field and hiking, but his general definition was being in the right place with the right people.  That got me thinking about my perfect moments during life. It’s the little moments that sometimes make me the most happy.  Here’s a few:

1. When my Papaw made a mountain of mashed potatoes and put a candy cane in the top.

2. Skipping across the Quad on campus in the dark with two friends.

3. Standing next to the train as it sped past with some other friends.

4. Looking at Conwy Castle in Wales from the highest spire with some of my high school buddies.


5. Looking up at the Eiffel Tower from the middle while it is sparkling, knowing I will soon be at the top.

6. Reading Winnie the Pooh to Panamanian children, not understanding what I’m reading, but seeing their smiling faces.  Either they were enjoying the story or laughing at my Spanish skills.

7. Roasting s’mores on a stove with my best friends.

8. Reading the entire Narnia series with my roommate/best friend (okay that’s not a single moment but a series of moments)

9. Watching a little girl’s face light up after she accepted Christ and then seeing her run back into the cabin and tell all of the cabin about her decision.

10. Flying for the first time (okay I did feel a little nauseous but it was pretty perfect other than that).

11. Laying flowers on 100+ year old graves in Haworth.

12. Singing Happy Birthday to someone at the top of the London Eye.

13. Hearing kids’ laughter while they made brownies during their tutoring session.

Those were in no specific order by the way.  I’m sure there are other perfect memories in my life, but those stand out most vividly to me



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