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People are be-a-u-tiful.

Classes haven’t even started and I already have a cancelled class and homework.  Yay for me (both literally and sarcastically).  My only assignment at this moment is an article to read and a self-questionnaire.  While trying to get ahead and filling out the questionnaire three days in advance, I found one question particularly intriguing.

What is your earliest memory of learning that people are different?

Here is my response:

I know that we spent time in elementary and high school studying different cultures, but I can’t think of any grand epiphanies during those years.  During high school, there were exchange students who were almost always involved in band with me, I spent three of my spring breaks travelling to Europe, and there were people who believed differently than me.  Even then, I don’t remember ever thinking about how different people are.  For most of my life, I have been taught and believed that people are basically the same throughout, therefore I should treat them the same as I’d like to be treated.  I guess college opened my eyes, as late in life as that seems, because when I got here I truly began to appreciate the differences in people.  I still believe that people are inherently the same and desire the same things in life, but I also appreciate the way that people are different as well.  People’s differences are what make them all individually beautiful.

More response:

I just don’t really get it.  Yeah I know that people are different, but I’m not sure about this class since I don’t like classifying people according to their differences.  People really are basically the same.  That’s what I’ve learned during my travels to various countries.  We all want the same basic things.  I know that people live differently and have different ideas, but that’s what makes them an individual.  Maybe the problem is that I’ve always known that people are different, but I really don’t see how that affects me.  It doesn’t affect how I treat the people, I don’t think.

Ultimately, our differences make us beautiful and our similarities tie us together.


(I kinda wanted to give a sarcastic response about “people are different than what, animals”.  Ha.  I didn’t think the professor would appreciate the sarcasm on the first assignment.)



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