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Why I Write.

Once again, there are many things that have happened in my life that I could discuss on here, but the problem is that I’ve already written all of these thoughts, dreams, and feelings in my journal.  In my journal that is sealed for no one else to read.  Oh well.  Maybe strands of those ideas will show up for public consumption in the future.

Recently, I had a discussion with a friend about blogs, a conversation with my family about the idea of authoring a written work, and I have been unable to find internet service in order to make a blog post.  That has led me to thinking about why I post my thoughts for the world to read.  I do not plan to ever publish any works and my journal suffices for me to work through ideas.  So why share?

Why do I write?

I write to the public, because sometimes I feel that an idea needs to be shared with an audience outside of my head.

I write so that I can release ideas.

I write so that someone else can relate to my feelings.

I write so that I can find people with similar ideas.

I write because it makes the feelings more real.

I write to bring healing.

I write to bring joy.

I write to bring peace, to me, my brain, and others.

I write for my own enjoyment.

I write for others’ enjoyment.

I write not because I am particularly good at it, in fact I don’t think most of it is all that great.

I write to connect.

I write not for money but for all the reasons listed above.

I write to share cool things I learn.


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