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Christmas Is A Coming…

There are so many posts I could make today about the very few days I have spent at home thus far, and the only thing I’ve really done is go to Walmart and church.  Yesterday at church, I went in a little apathetic because I was missing my church at college.  I knew that I would most likely be the only one there my age and I missed my college friends.  God works though.  He still spoke to me through every way possible.  First a little girl came to sit next to me before Sunday School.  I don’t know why but this girl likes to occasionally talk to me.  This made me feel loved, because it’s nothing that I’ve done to make her want to talk to me.

Sunday school was different than what I am used to, but I enjoyed the disjointed lesson on Ruth.  Even though it’s a hobnob class of people, it was a good reminder of the lessons in Ruth.  In Ruth, I discovered the grace of God.  God provided for Ruth in more ways than she could have imagined simply because Ruth was faithful to Naomi and to God.

Then the sermon was about different reactions to the birth of Jesus, which was a good lead-up to the Live Nativity that night.

Nativity Scene 2012


I’ve been involved in live nativities since I was little, when I always played the angel with the blond hair.  This year, the church expanded and had a mini-Bethlehem complete with bread makers, a blacksmith, and most importantly the birth of Jesus.  I played the shepherd this year, and even though very few people walked up while I was out there, it was interesting to think about how the shepherds would have felt.  We’ve always played the scene to be still, solemn, and silent, but I imagine there was noise, dirt, and joy.  When people would stand around looking at the newer additions to our live nativity, I just wanted to yell out and remind them that Jesus was born over here, but I guess that’s how the shepherds actually might have felt.  I imagine that the shepherds, Mary, and Joseph were all tired for various reasons but joyful because they knew just how special that baby was/is.


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