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Tale as Old as Time…

One of my favorite Disney movies is Beauty and the Beast, because I can relate to the main character.  She’s a bookworm that much prefers to spend her time reading than socializing.  In the first scene of the movie, Belle is searching for a book in the library/bookstore, and she gushes about a book that has “far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, and a prince in disguise.”  What is this book?  It sounds interesting.

After more thought, I think this book is The Princess Bride.  I’ve only ever seen this movie, but I assume there’s a book as well since the grandfather reads from a book.  It is set in far off places- Florin and Guilder, wherever those are.  There is a great sword fight scene in which Westley wins, naturally.  The magic spell occurs when the old man breaths life back into Westley.  The prince in disguise is Westley.  While he may actually be the Dread Pirate Rogers, he’s a prince at heart for Buttercup.

Boom.  Two movies/books combine.  Two of my favorites might I add.



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