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The Gideon

Today I was approached by two Gideon men offering Bibles.  I appreciate what these men do by standing in the cold to give out New Testaments, but I also feel slightly nervous when I meet one.  Maybe nervous isn’t the best word, but let me explain myself.  When I am approached by one of these men, I am always faced with the moral dilemma of taking a NT or not.  I own several copies of the Bible myself (in fact I had one in my back back today when they offered the NT to me).  In the past I have taken their gift to be kind and make them feel better, but I always feel bad afterwards.  What if someone else won’t get a Bible because I took one?  I suppose I could give it so someone else (and I have done this), but  what if they were supposed to give it out?

Today I told both of these men that I already had several Bibles so I would let them keep that one.  I thanked them and moved on.  I still feel bad though, because now they feel disheartened.  I know for a fact that someone else told them that as well, and I refrained from turning around to see who it was so that I wouldn’t judge the person based on what I know/heard about them.  The thing is, I do own several copies of the Bible, I have several Gideon NTs in fact, and I do read my Bible almost every day.  So really, I just feel bad taking one of those from them.  Dear Gideons, please understand and don’t judge me for not taking the NT.  Please just give that to someone who might not read the Bible otherwise.  I promise I will.



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