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A Little Love

I am so thankful to work for a service oriented organization.  Today was the 20th annual Hunger Hurts Food Drive in our community, and it was awesome!  It really makes me feel much more connected to the community even though I am five hours from my home community.  Let me back up to explain…The tutoring program I work for here on campus is part of a larger service organization that hosts many student led service groups.  As a large community of service organizations we partnered with the food bank to collect LOTS of food.

Last weekend, we split up into ten vans of people to deliver bags to every house within the city limits.  Today, we split up again into ten vans (different teams) to drive around town picking up bags, full of food this time.  I didn’t really get to see the big picture of the food being delivered to the food bank since I was in a van picking up bags, but our route had quite a bit of food.  On our first trip through the route we had to go back to the food bank three times to drop off food because our van was full.

There was one house I remember particularly because it donated so much.  I went up to the door to get what seemed to be a garbage bag of food (which excited me), but a lady came to the front door to say that there were two more boxes inside the house.  Right down the road from the house, there was a kid standing on the edge of the road with a bag of food to donate.  Not every house donated, but I was surprised to see so many donations from our little town.

The goal was to receive 10,000 lbs of food for the food bank, but I don’t know what the final count is yet.  It looked like quite a bit when I was leaving.  No matter how much is there, it warms my heart (on this chilly day) to know that families will be able to eat this winter because of a little bit of love shown by the community.


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