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Musical Memories

Last time I talked about books; today I want to talk about another staple in my life- music.  I’ve been surrounded by music my entire life, since there are a few musically inclined people in my family.  My Grandy likes to tell stories of how she used to sing me to sleep when I was a little baby; she would apparently sing what felt like the entire hymnbook before I would go to sleep (or maybe that story is about one of my brothers…).  Anyway, as I was listening to my i-Pod today, I realized that there are some songs that bring up certain memories.  I thought I’d share a few.

As The Deer: This song is special, because this is the song my mom and I sang together on many occasions.  We split up the verses and sang the chorus together.  At the time, I didn’t always enjoy it since I was nervous and I was afraid of messing up, but now I treasure those memories of singing with my mom. ( I also sang this song for chorus in middle school as a solo and earned a Distinguished.)

I’m Not That Girl:  I first heard this song as part of the Wicked musical while I was in London, but the real memory associated with this is on a band trip.  It was dark and rainy (always raining when it’s sad in movies, so I’m going to add that detail).  The guy I had been dating the previous school year and part of the summer had just broken up with me a few weeks previous.  He had already moved on to another girl, who happened to be in band as well.  Even though looking back I realize that our relationship was never really much of anything and never meant to be, I was still hurt at the time.  I did not like seeing those two up in front of me cuddling.  This song came across my mp3 and so now I associate this song with that moment.

Hard Knock Life: Happier story.  This is the song I learned at a dance workshop while in elementary school.  No, I’m not a dancer, but as a child I thought I was.  I don’t remember any of the moves, but this song reminds me of that phase of my life.

Strong Enough (Matthew West):  This song reminds me of a few weeks ago when I just felt particularly weak (emotionally that is).  I’m not going into details, but this song reminds me that I am strong with Christ.  It also reminds me of Bonner Spring Break last year when one of the other volunteers sang this while making dinner.

Ice Ice Baby: My friends are always surprised when I know the lyrics to this song, but this was our band song for a while.  Every band trip we would sing (?) this song together.  Also one section did a parody of this at band camp talent show called Ice Ice Bunny.

Amazing Grace (Chains) (Chris Tomlin):  I love this song.  I associate this song with Metropolis Illinois at a church there.  I performed this song in sign language interpretation and for some reason while performing this that time, I felt what the song really meant.  It was a powerful moment that words can’t describe.

I’m sure there are many more songs I could list, but those are the ones that come to my head right now.



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