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Writing a Paper

This is the week before mid-terms, so as an English major that means I have to write lots of papers.  I actually have 3 papers due between midnight next Tuesday and midnight next Wednesday.  Joy!

As I’m working on a paper about power in three revenge tragedies, I am noting some things about my writing style.  I just thought I’d share them as I write.

1. I don’t like to get rid of anything.  As I’m working on a paper, I typically have the document where I’m writing and the document with my outline open.  As I re-read and edit each section, I drop any sentences or paragraphs that I delete into the outline document in case I need it again.  I guess you could say I’m a word hoarder.

2. I tend to write an outline, write the paper, and then re-write the outline.  I’m not sure why I bother in the first place because I typically don’t follow the first one.

3. Write a sentence.  Check Facebook.  It makes for slow essay writing, but it keeps me motivated.

4. I think better surrounded by books in the library.

5. I have to start papers early or they will not be good quality.

6. Plot summary is my way of thinking.  Too bad professors don’t like that.

7. I try to think about grammar at the same time because I’m really bad at proofreading for grammar.

I should probably not try to write a blog at the same time as I write a paper.  The paper is not getting written.


After making a draft of one paper:

8. I can’t write the conclusion to a paper until it has time to marinate in my mind.  Similarly I cannot re-read a paper fresh after writing it.



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