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Early Memories of Church

Tonight as I sat in church I started thinking about my memories of going to church as a young girl.  Here are a few:

1. “I’ll Fly Away” and various other old hymns make me think of visiting the nursing homes on Sunday afternoons once a month.

2. I remember waking up early to drive 30 minutes away to listen to my dad preach at a small country church and then immediately driving back to Salem to listen to him preach the same sermon again at the church in front of our house.

3. I never really payed much attention as a little girl.  I remember sitting on the pew playing and coloring with my best friend Alivia.

4. My older brother convinced me that there was a chainsaw murderer in this big scary church in Pineville.

5. In third grade, I pretended to have Communion with the leftover grape juice and bread after service one night.

6. Making paper bag coats and palm leaves to act out the story when Jesus rides in on a donkey on Palm Sunday.

7. Christmas plays galore!  “Syncronize…get it together”

8. I was always the angel in Christmas and Easter plays or live nativities.  Something about the little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.

9. Walking the aisle in 7th grade at revival to accept Christ as my Savior even though I went into service that night thinking that I was doing a good deed by inviting a friend.

10. Getting baptized.

So those weren’t exactly chronological, and if I thought real hard I could probably come up with more.



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