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Can’t we all just be humans?

There has been quite a bit of discussion about diversity here at my school, and today it invaded my general science class.  Before this year, I have not really noticed any diversity issues in my school, and I actually considered my school fairly diverse.  We have a wide mix of people from many different backgrounds.  Granted, we all come from homes that only made a certain income, but that is how the school recruited us.  It’s just this year, after a professor made a comment on Twitter, that the discussions and debates have begun.  Today a few things bothered me.

First, I was bothered by the fact that certain students seem to want my school to hire based on race.  They are upset that we only have a 12% minority faculty, and they say we need to hire more minority professors.  What I don’t understand is that if there are two candidates for a position and the white person is equally qualified but has a more open mind toward diversity, shouldn’t we hire him/her?  It seems that open-mindedness toward diversitycan be found in blacks, whites, females, males, Asians, etc (I don’t mean to offend anyone if I put your group in the etc).

That leads me to my next point.  I believe that anyone can be racist, no matter what their ethnicity or skin color is.  Sometimes the minorities fight so hard for equality that the majority is degraded in the process.  I don’t know why we can’t just all be human.  It seems that by pointing out that they are different, the minorities are causing more problems.  If they want to be seen as equal, wouldn’t it be better to blend into the crowd of majority.  Honestly, if someone doesn’t point out their differences (especially differences in skin color), I don’t notice them.

I was slightly offended by comments made by one African American male in my class today.  He was very vocal about needing more diversity and open-mindedness.  he told some stories about how he had been called names on a few occasions and how he felt discriminated.  It was eye-opening to hear some of the stories, and I was sympathetic.  I was all for his cause until he said, “I wanna hear what the white people have to say.”  By using the phrase “white people” he was almost being close-minded himself.  It’s as if he wanted us to have a different opinion simply because of our skin color.  Just because my skin happens to be white does not mean that I am racist or close-minded.

Maybe it would be better if we were all considered a minority, because aren’t we all different from one another?


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