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What has been lost…

Do you know what that little symbol is?

I recently came across a webpage that talked about how old kids from the 90s are becoming.  It pointed out the current age of the Rugrats characters, talked about a commercial that used to come on, and it discussed how kids today don’t even know what they are pushing when they click the save button on Microsoft Word.  That one really caught me.

It’s a floppy disk, for those of you too young to remember these.  I sure do remember these. I remember saving my entire fourth grade portfolio to one of these little boogers.  In fact, I still have that floppy disk where I saved my fourth grade portfolio, what little good that does me.  It was a sad day this past summer when we finally moved our old Windows 98 computer to the garage and replaced it with a laptop.  That old hunk of machinery had been sitting in that room so long, and I had typed many papers and played many games there.  It didn’t have internet, ran as slow as a mouse, and had horrible graphics, but it still served its purpose.  It also had something that my currently laptop lacks: a floppy disk drive AND a zip drive.  Yeah, we were high tech!  In fact, during my senior year of high school,  my mom would still save her documents on a floppy disk and take them to school that way.  There was no way to insert a jump drive into that antique.

What amazing me is that there might be the possibility that some children do not know what that symbol even is.  They may never have seen a floppy disk.  I feel old.


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