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I wish that I had kept a count of how many words/pages I have written since I began college.  It would be an astounding number I am sure, probably long enough for a book.  No matter how many essays I write, I still find the ending the hardest to write.  Typically I can write a decent beginning and a decent thesis, and support, but the conclusion always keeps me stressing.  The problem is that the conclusion is important, because it is the last thing the reader sees.  I always run into the problem of repeating myself during the conclusion….

To be continued later…I don’t know how to conclude this.

*Continued Later*

I had to quit earlier so that I could go to class and learn about more essays I will have to write.  Well I guess it’s good that I love to write, right (ha! homophones!)?  Anyway, as often happens when I look back at unfinished blogs, I realize that I have lost my enthusiasm for what I was writing earlier, but I will try anyway.

I was talking about how I dislike writing conclusions.  Let me start with the reason I decided to write this blog.  I was attempting to write a paper for my English class, which is about novels.  I wrote about 500 words and scrapped it because it was junk.  In some jumbled mess I wrote several pages until my head hurt.  Then mysteriously I woke up the next morning and polished it until it made sense (I always think better in the morning anyway).  The only problem was I ran out of steam by the time I reached the last paragraph.  I was right at the minimum word count, and I just wanted to stop.  So I did.  Unfortunately, I knew I had to come back to it.  Right now, the document is sitting in a folder on my computer with two sentences of conclusion.  It lacks an ending.  There’s my problem.  I don’t like conclusions because I don’t know how to finish something without being repetitive.

Now that I re-read what I put as the title of this blog, I think maybe I should address conclusions to relationships.  I don’t really like those either.  Typically, I say “see ya later” instead of good-bye, because it feels less conclusive.  The truth is: the relationship (and this can be friendship) doesn’t end in my head.  I can only think of a few times when I have completely ended a friendship in my head.  I usually carry on with the relationship in my head and analyze it to find out what went wrong (I’m not crazy).  So even when I am not talking to someone on a regular basis, I still think about them.  The relationship doesn’t really end for me.  Hence, I don’t like conclusions/endings.  They always feel awkward and repetitive.  Usually when you say good-bye to someone there is that awkward moment when the both of you say good-bye several times and you hug, but it still doesn’t feel right to just walk away.  Personally, I wait for the other person to begin edging away.

Even now as I am writing this I am trying to decide what a good ending line(s) for this post would be.  Since I can’t think of something that doesn’t just repeat what I’ve already said…THE END (now if only I could just write that on papers).


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