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A Jane Austen Life

*spoiler alert!*

Tonight I finished reading Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey.  This makes the second Jane Austen novel I have read during my short time on Earth- and I am fully aware of just how short it has been as it flies by me- and I am beginning to wish that I lived in a Jane Austen novel.  While the women in this genre do lead fairly boring lives compared to some people’s lives, they seem to have more excitement than I do.  I mean come on, Catherine Moreland had two guys chasing after her, her brother almost married her ex-best friend, her best friend invited her to live with her for a while, and she mortified herself in front of the guy she liked and he still liked her.  Talk about excitement.  Then look at the lives of the elder two Bennet sisters.  They have a crazy mother, a semi-sane father, a soldier crazy sister, and a hermit sister.  They both have guys chasing them, but then things happen and both of them lose their guys due to misunderstanding.

It’s not just the excitement- or some might call it drama- that compels me.  It is also the happy endings.  Always these girls end up with their Prince Charming.   They might go through drama to get him, but they always do.  Unfortunately, it seems that in Northanger Abbey, Austen is telling the reader to not live in a fantasy world.  She is saying, through the mishaps of Catherine Moreland, that novels are not true.  Shocker, right?  This is the way some people live though.  Catherine Moreland was one of these, even though she is fiction herself, but others also live this way.  Typically, the type of people who put themselves through this lifestyle are found in the library.  They are the type who dreamed as a child of spending the night in the library.  They, and this might include me even at times, become so immersed in whatever it is they are currently reading that they live it.  Catherine Moreland did this by assuming that there must have been a secret murder, and I have done it by hoping that the romance in novels happens in real life.  I must admit that in this day and age, it is not recommended or profitable to marry someone who you’ve known for 12 months simply because he’s the better of your two options.  Since I do not want this to turn into my feelings on the way romances should work and how they actually work (maybe that will become another blog), I will stop my thoughts now.

PS If you haven’t read the above novels, you should read them and tell me what your thoughts are.



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