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Thankfulness: It’s Easy as ABC.

Wow.  How have I neglected my blog for so long?

Today is Thanksgiving and I am currently located at my grandma’s house.  So far, I have ate a lot of food, watched two movies, played a lot of card games…yeah that’s about it.  I haven’t even thought about schoolwork or work or my future.  It’s been a nice break, but now I would like to delve back and do a little writing, even if it is just for this blog.

Since today is Thanksgiving, I think I would like to do what everyone else does: talk about what they’re thankful for.  A few years ago, I did something challenging yet meaningful to me.  I’m not sure where it went, but I remember creating a list of things I am truly thankful for using the alphabet.  Now I know it’s not really creative, but it’s what I do.  Here’s goes.

Apple- I do like apples, but I really just feel like every alphabet list starts with A is for apple.

Books, even if I have to read a lot for class

Chocolate- it keeps me sane


Education- it’s almost free for me


God- he should be at the top

Hello- that’s the first way to make a new friend

Inquisitiveness- it makes the world a better place


Keeper Friends- those friends that stick with me


Men- they are necessary for survival.

New and Old Movies

Oranges but not orange.


Quilts on my bed

Roxie- my car gets me from point A to point B


Troubles- they make me stronger

Umbrellas- no matter how hard I try I just can’t walk between the raindrops

Vitamin C

Weather Variety

X-ray vision- okay no I don’t have that.

Youth- 1 Timothy 4:12

Zoos- they do keep endangered species alive.


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