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Crunch. Zip. Zoop.  Plop. Smsshh. Fzz. Pop. Boom. Ba-boum. BOOM!. Hiss. Click. Hmmm. Whish. Wahou,Wahou,Wahou. Whoosh. Phft. Drip. Dlop. Creak.


Sounds are intriguing because there are just so many and they are so hard to describe only using words.  Today I would like to talk about some of my favorite sounds.  I know I was on a roll of doing photos on Fridays, but I want to use another sense today.

As I was walking to and from classes today I realized that I purposefully try to step on fallen leaves on the ground.  I began to wonder why, and the only conclusion I can come to is that I like the way they sound when they crunch beneath my foot.  Of course this could sound sort of strange considering I like the way something sounds when it is destroyed.  After my foot lands on top of it, no longer is it in its original form; actually I like to think it is in a better form that spreads more color throughout the grass.  Sometimes I purposefully stray from the straight path because I see a nice crunchy leaf I want to hear.  Even if I have music in my ears, I can hear the crisp crunch in my foot which travels to my brain to process into a sound my ears never heard.  The rain, while it keeps the leaves green longer also messes up my crunching plan.  Soggy leaves don’t crunch.

I’m not sure why I like this sound.  Maybe it’s because I only can hear it at certain parts of the year.  Maybe I just like the satisfaction of trying to find the right leaves to crunch.  I know it’s the only time I allow myself to step on cracks in the sidewalk.  Usually I will purposefully adjust my stride length in order to avoid cracks in the sidewalk, even unintentional cracks, but when fall comes I will change my stride in order to step on leaves even if that means stepping on cracks.  I may look funny doing this, but it brings a little bit of enjoyment to me.


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